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Fluorspar Synonyms: calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorite, fluorine, metallurgical fluorspar, fluorspar ball
Chemical Formula: CaF2

Along with extensive fluorite ore mining, high quality fluorite ore is less and less.
On the contrary, high quality fluorite ore requirement of smelting industry is more and more. Therefore fluorite derivative product emerged as time require.

Our fluorite briquette is formed by bonding drying of tungsten ore tailings and after grinded and floated purification of low grade fluorite ore and inorganic substance. Goods size is average, quality is stable, low impurities, each physicochemical element is better than fluorite raw ore. Material have good watertightness, normal temperature, high-temperature strength and cracking resistance are as good even better than fluorite raw ore.

Used as flux, it can reduce the melting point of difficult-melted substance, accelerate the flow of slags to separate the slag and metal thoroughly. It has the characteristic of desulfurization, dephophorization, increase metal’s forgeablity and tensile strength..
Half of the world fluorite production to produce hydrofluoric acid, thus developing manufacturing cryolite, used for smelting aluminium industry, etc

Fluorite is also widely used in glass, ceramics, cement and other building materials industry
In the glass industry, add fluorite as fluxing agent & sunscreen, it can promote the glass raw materials melting. Different glass, added different quantity

In cement production, fluorite as mineralizer to join. Fluorite can reduce the burden of the sintering temperature, reduce fuel consumption, but also can enhance the sintering clinker liquid viscosity, promote the formation of tricalcium silicate.

Competitive Advantage:
Stable quality, every piece ball can reach stipulated specification. More effective to play a role in use. 


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