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Bright Materials Co., Limited.
Website: www.bright-mineral.com

E-mail: beckyiu02@outlook.com

Wechat: 13467353578
SKYPE: helenliuxiao

Address£ºRoom 701 of Rongtai Huayuan, Qingnian Ave., Chenzhou, Hunan, China

Tel£º+86 13467353578
Fax£º+ 86 735 2327059
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Bright Materials Co., Limited. is located in Chenzhou ,the famous Nonferrous Metal Hometown in China.There are very rice Bi, tin, graghite and fluorspar minerals in Chenzhou. We specialize in mining investment, mining exploiting and processing fluorspar series products. Annually supply ability is above 100,000 tons , have strategic cooperation mine, flotation factory, drying factory and aluminium fluoride factory in Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi province. We also have joint venture in Thailand, Thailand factory own a set of modern flotation product line and powder drying equipment, it store 800,000tons CaF2-40%min fluorspar sand for flotation use.

We can provide various kinds specifications of acid grade fluorspar powder CaF2 80% to 98%(wet & dry), fluorspar lumps CaF2 50-90%, fluorspar briquettes CaF2 75% to 90%, Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), graphite powder, briquettes and aluminium fluoride etc. raw material to worldwide purchaser with reasonable price.

For Chenzhou's geographic advantage, we can effective control the transportation fee. Near international sea port , ocean freight much lower than north port China , that's good for CIF terms cost control.

Quality is enterprises life. High quality, good service, keep promise is our tenet and standard to keep long terms cooperation relationship with old client and develop new client. Welcome to inquire for your need, we will do our best to meet your requirement.


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